Tom Timelord

Born in Aberdare, South Wales, Tom first picked up a pair of sticks at the age of sixteen, inspired by legendary rock drummers such as Neil Peart, Keith Moon and John Bonham. Since then he has been constantly improving his abilities and establishing himself as a competent and professional musician. In 2006, Tom won a scholarship to study drums at The ICMP in London and spent the next four years there completing a Diploma and Bmus Degree course in Popular Music Performance, as well as playing with various bands around the city. Now he has returned home to forge a full-time career in music. As well as his duties with ‘2 Rude’, Tom plays with several different bands and artists, while at the same time working as a private drum tutor in the South Wales area. He has recorded music with well-known producers and performed in some of the biggest venues across the UK and Europe, including several live performances on national radio.

When Tom first joined 2 Rude, he had very little experience listening to ska music, let alone playing it. But as the band started to find its feet and develop it’s sound, his love for the music grew and grew. Even now, Tom says “I fall in love with ska music a little bit more after every single gig! The music is just so uplifting and exhilarating that it’s impossible not to like it! But it’s also very challenging for a drummer’s point of view, because every beat needs to be rock steady! Nevertheless, it gives me plenty of opportunities to be creative and try new ideas. Plus it always puts a smile on my face to see our audience up and dancing to the music!”

Visit and find him on Twitter – @tompricedrummer