Mr H

I’m the founder and creator of 2RUDE.  The idea was brought to me after watching The Specials reform back in 2009.  As a child I loved ska music, actually at the time I was into Adam Ant, and my sister was heavily into Madness.  She turned my love from Adam Ant to Madness after taking me to watch Take It Or Leave It 10 times at the cinema.  I remember I had to turn my Harrington inside out for a day to show my change in music.  The crazy things we done in them days.  My love for Madness as a band just grew and grew.  I missed the tail end of the Specials as I was a bit young.  It’s only listening to them again that made me realize what a great band they were and are today.  It grew to loving other styles of ska played by other bands such as the Beat, the Selecter, and Bad Manners etc.

At the age of around 16 I started getting into other types of music, but my love of ska was always on the back burner.  As I said, different types of music came my way.  I loved artists like Prince for a good while, and then decided to learn bass.  Must admit I wasn’t a brilliant bassist but got by.  Started being a front man in a band I created with Mr Captain Mc Scarlet called The Calm.  We described our music I’d say as indie/ska, bit like The Ordinary Boys, Dead 60s.  That ended and the ska thing stayed, and that’s when I decided to create what I’ve got today, one of the best live bands you will ever see.