Benjamin Bad Boy


Hi ska-tastic people out there! I’m Benjiboy James Goddard; ska-skankin six-string Pork-Pie-wearing maestro of 2 Rude. Now here’s a little history of me, myself and I… I first picked up a guitar aged 9, in 1982. And what happened?!
A string snapped just a glimmer from my Evan-Kleenex eyeball!
The old guitar belonged to my Uncle George, who played finger style and tunes by Ralph McTell. He helped me take my first steps toward learning how to do basic chords and picking, which I struggled with for donkeys! Having a background in folk music then The Beatles, The Stones and The King, which always seemed to be playing when I was a kid, gave me a good ear for a tidy tune and a grooving beat. So when I first heard Madness my ears welcomed their original sounds and unusual feel.
Fast forwards to 1987. Enter the Irish Dragon (Paul “Macca”) into my musical pot… Our first band was soon born (TBM) and from this schoolyard group and a few in between (Industrial Gypsy and Varispeed) to 2 Rude in the present day we’ve remained great mates and musical compadres!
Which brings us full circle to how I become a member of the Number 1 Ska Tribute Act in ole Blighty – 2 Rude!!
Even though I had not played live for about 4 and a half years, Captain Mac Skalet called me up in late 2012 and asked if I’d learn a handful of ska tunes as their guitarist, the great Damien Desmond Downes, was going to be out of action over that Christmas and they had a few gigs he needed cover for. At first I must admit, I thought I couldn’t do it… Musically, but more so physically/mentally. I’d been having a few bad years and not really picked up the guitar, and I wasn’t in great shape either!
However something in my oldest friend’s voice assured me that I could do it, and do it well (what are great mates for, eh? – Nice one Macca!)
But he didn’t tell me my first gig with 2 Rude would be in front of a packed house at The Globe in Cardiff supporting Bad Manners! Haha!!
And that was it; I must say the rush from that show was something I’d never really experienced before, and the appreciation from the guys in the band was such a relief! From then on I would stand in sporadically for DDD, eventually taking over the skank duties for the rude-boys full time!