Captain Mac Skalet

My first memory of music was dancing around the room to the Wombles and Tiger Feet by Mud, along with other glam rock acts which looked so spectacular on Top of The Pops in the mid/late 70’s, but my first passion for music was presented to me by Madness. One Step Beyond, Night Boat To Cairo, Baggy Trousers, Embarrassment, etc. The Complete Madness video was played relentlessly and I made sure every visitor to my home would watch it start to finish!

I first picked up a bass in 1988 because my two best mates played guitar & drums, so once I could string a couple of notes together I was in a band. Initally inspired by bass players of 80’s bands of the time I soon found myself wanting to play like John Entwhistle, John Paul Jones, Phil Lynott and Bruce Foxton. These players all have an aggressive, controlled approach which summarises my style. It has been a great challenge learning the bass lines of Panter, Bedders and Steele, as before my days of bass playing, but listening to these bands, I never appreciated how different their bass lines were..

I have played in various original music bands from my late teens to early 30’s, normally in groups in which I was allowed to express myself and get people away from the illusion that bass playing is easy! I have been playing in bands for over 20 years, gigging all over the UK and Europe. Cover bands have never been of much interest to me until I was asked to form a 2-Tone ska band with my old sparring partner, Mr H, from a popular ska/indie band, The Calm. This would not only bring me back full circle to my first passion for music but also allow me to play challenging bass lines and bring the fun element into music which is so often missing from original music bands. It was worth a go for a year to 2 anyway. 5 years on, the fun, passion and fulfillment continues to grow with each new audience.

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