Desmond 2 Rude

I’ve been living and breathing music since I first heard my dad playing Buddy Holly as a child. I first picked up the guitar at the age of 11 and that’s when it all began.  I formed a band with my school mates and we played the local circuit. This gave me the buzz for writing and performing my own music. But as most teenage bands do we quickly dispanded. Since then I have gone on to play in several bands over the years, playing from indie, blues, rock to punk.   I have played in some very interesting venues across the country to crowds ranging from 2 to 2 thousand people and played with some amazing, talented and bizarre musicians!

Listening to punk music from an early age enabled me to get an insite into the fantastic world of music that we call ska.  Everyone loves a bit of ska music and for me, ska is the true dance music.  Unpretentious, unyielding, uplifting…just awesome!  The more you scratch the surface, the more you uncover, the more you love it. This is one of the only genres of music that can really unite a dance floor full of strangers, from the young and the old to friend and foe.

After being in a musical and bandless wilderness for a couple of years, I joined up with Mr H and Captain Mac Skalett at the end of 2008 after responding to an advert for a guitarist to form a ska band. The ranks quickly swelled and 2 Rude were born.  The rest as they say is ska history.  Watch this space for the next chapter….

Find him on Twitter – @DesmondDownes78